Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme

Greater productivity for smallholder farmers.

Farmers linked up with markets for their product and supplies.

More nutritious food and healthier diets for the rural population.

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Unblocking Supply of Agricultural Finance in Zimbabwe: A Review of Cases Involving Risk-Mitigating Mechanisms

Access to finance is crucial in facilitating investments in productivity-enhancing technologies among farmers, and for increasing the scale of production. This is expected to contribute to increased incomes and food security in primarily agrarian societies. However, in Zimbabwe, there exists…

Policy Brief on Smallholder Productivity and Subsidies – Policy Issues, Opportunities and Recommendations for Zimbabwe

The majority of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe cultivate very small plots, with 40-52 percent cultivating less than 1 hectare (Ha) and 70-75 percent cultivating less than 2Ha. This means any agricultural and food security strategy that does not recognize this…

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