Crisis Modifier Survival Feed Roll-out in EXTRA

The Chitubu Pen Fattening Group in Gokwe North was all smiles recently after receiving its first batch of a beef survival meal. The feed has been secured through the LFSP’s Crisis Modifier initiative. The group's 24 members will each get eighteen 50kg bags which will sustain their beasts until the full restoration of pastures. Areas such … Continue reading Crisis Modifier Survival Feed Roll-out in EXTRA

Biofortification Learning Event – August 2019

LFSP BIOFORTIFICATION LEARNING EVENT PRESS RELEASE 7 August, 2019 The Zimbabwe Livelihood and Food Security Programme (LFSP) is promoting production and consumption of biofortified crop varieties, namely Vitamin A orange Maize (VAM) and High Iron and zinc Bean varieties. These were locally developed through conventional crop breeding processes by Crop Breeding Institute (CBI) of the … Continue reading Biofortification Learning Event – August 2019