Groundnuts post harvest, handling & storage Tips

Groundnuts are semi-perishable and are subject to quality losses during post harvesting, handling and storage, here are some TIPS from LFSP on groundnut post harvest management Groundnut physiological maturity Uproot one plant and closely observe: Yellowing and shedding of leaves Inside of the pods are brownish when opened Seed coat is thin with papery texture … Continue reading Groundnuts post harvest, handling & storage Tips

LFSP fodder production drive in Pictures

Last year (2019) farmers lost a number of livestock due to drought induced starvation. To mitigate against this #LFSP capacitated farmers to produce fodder crops like velvet beans & lablab; as well as value add crop residues for livestock feeding in the dry season. Here are the results in Pictures! 07 April 2020 - Mt … Continue reading LFSP fodder production drive in Pictures

Kurima Mari #Lockdown Cooking Challenge

The Kurima Mari App was introduced by the Zimbabwe Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP). It has a nutrition section that includes a variety of recipes for indigenous dishes? Try out one of these recipes and stand a chance to win prizes. All you have to do is: 1. Download the Kurima Mari app (its … Continue reading Kurima Mari #Lockdown Cooking Challenge