Video: LFSP beneficiaries share their experiences

The Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP) has transcended an important milestone by releasing a series of beneficiary-produced videos through the Learning Project. The name, Learning Project, is self-consciously taken from the BBC Radio 4 programme called the Listening Project, which records conversations between people on any subject and plays back an edited version over the radio … Continue reading Video: LFSP beneficiaries share their experiences

Sugar bean production factsheet

Sugar bean is one of the value chains promoted by the LFSP because they are a valuable source of protein, enhance the quality of the soil through nitrogen fixation and have a good commercial value for farmers. The LFSP’s APN component has developed a sugar bean production factsheet to guide farmers and extension staff to … Continue reading Sugar bean production factsheet

Shona post harvest guide

Post-harvest losses usually occur after harvesting. It usually starts first from the field after harvest, in the harvesting process, in storage, during transportation and in the markets. Several losses are known to occur because of poor facilities, lack of know-how, poor management, market dysfunction or simply the carelessness of farmers. The LFSP is supporting several … Continue reading Shona post harvest guide

Sorghum production guide

Sorghum is a traditionally important crop in Zimbabwe that can be grown in marginal areas where maize my not thrive. Sorghum is more nutritious than maize and is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It contains dietary fibre and has higher protein, calcium and iron content. In Zimbabwe sorghum is an important cereal crop ranked … Continue reading Sorghum production guide