COVID-19: Smallholder Farmers Step into the Food Supply Gap

story picture
Mr and Mrs Mutukwa in their vegetable garden

For some the government-initiated lockdown to combat the Covid – 19 pandemic represented a lockdown on their income generating activities. That is not so with Nhamo Mutukwa of Chekenyu Village, Ward 8, Shurugwi. In an inspiring story, Mutukwa is modelling a way for making money for his community at a time many are crying over the lockdowns and attendant food and income shortage.

Faced with the situation where he has to be always at home, Nhamo Mutukwa has channelled all his focus to his 0.8ha garden and has seen his garden transformed in the process. Mutukwa is growing at least seven types of crops ranging from tomatoes, covo, beetroot, rape, and butternut, eggplant and green paper in his thriving garden. He is selling some of the vegetables to the local community generating valuable income for his family. Before the lockdown, Mutukwa used to sell his vegetable sales at the local township. Now Mutukwa conducts door-to-door sales with a mask over his mouth and nose. Through the new approach Mutukwa realises more than ZWL$500 per week.

For sustainability of his project and to boost his capital the Mutukwa family recently recently formed an ISAL group (Merry go Round). The group currently has a membership of eight and members are saving $5 USD/month.

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