LFSP fodder production drive in Pictures

Last year (2019) farmers lost a number of livestock due to drought induced starvation. To mitigate against this #LFSP capacitated farmers to produce fodder crops like velvet beans & lablab; as well as value add crop residues for livestock feeding in the dry season. Here are the results in Pictures!

07 April 2020 – Mt Darwin Jireh Poultry (Incubation and hatchery) – bailing Lablab for Livestock feed during leaner times

11 April 2020 – Livestock Feed processing by farmers in Kwekwe District. Bush meal special

14 April 2020 – Farmer Lablab Plot in Mutare District nearly ready for harvesting

15 April 2020 – Farmers in Shurugwi District making Hay while the sun still shines

21 April 2020 – Mr. Matava , ward 30 Gokwe South baling velvet beans (Mucuna) that was used as a cover crop for a maize Pfumvudza crop. Sustainable crop-livestock integration

22 April 2020 – Ward 33 Silobela, Kwekwe District, Farmers collected 20 bags of acacia and leucaena from Mazebe Fodder site for feed processing .

April 2020 – Urea stover treatment in Mutare district. Urea treatment results in improved protein content & digestibility.

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