Rural agro-dealers: A vital link in the agriculture value chain

The transformation of subsistence agriculture in Africa holds tremendous promise for catalysing economic growth and creating employment opportunities. The need for agribusiness development in Zimbabwe is undeniable, especially for its largely rural population.

Rural agro-dealers continue to play a critical role in the agricultural input supply chain by selling both crop and livestock input to farmers. In some communities of Zimbabwe, the agro-dealers also act as agents for buyers of agricultural produce. Sadly, this vital role of the agro-dealer has dwindled over the years, but there is some hope under the Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP)

Under the LFSP, Farm Shop is providing the much needed impetus to scale up the vital role of this agro retail link in the agriculture value chain and has duplicated the rural agro-dealer agency in Makoni and Gokwe South districts. Farm Shop has contracted agents and provided stock on consignment, covering a wide range of agricultural inputs for both crop and livestock production.

The Markets Development Component of the LFSP has conducted a case study to further share the findings of Farm Shop’s progressive success with agro-dealers.

Here is the brief.

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