Video: LFSP beneficiaries share their experiences

The Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP) has transcended an important milestone by releasing a series of beneficiary-produced videos through the Learning Project. The name, Learning Project, is self-consciously taken from the BBC Radio 4 programme called the Listening Project, which records conversations between people on any subject and plays back an edited version over the radio several times a week.

Although not exactly tailored to this latter specification, the LFSP’s Learning Project videos provide a first hand narrative of the programme’s beneficiary experiences –undiluted and uncut from beginning to the end. This aspect makes them unique in their formatting content.

An innovative approach to Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation

The approach is experimental and innovative and is, in our view, appropriate as an additional component of the Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation (MR&E) of the LFSP. The Learning Project’s  approach is based on the notion that “it’s surprising what you hear when you listen.” The aim is to enhance existing evaluation activities of LFSP.

Very often, evaluating a development project’s impact is reported by second and third parties, but the Learning Project harnesses the undiluted power of self-reporting that is not very common. In addition, the beneficiaries conduct the filming of themselves carrying out their daily activities in the natural context of the LFSP programming and expressing their experiences with the programme.

Below are links to the released videos:

Films Produced Between March and May 2017

Films Produced Between June and August 2017

Synthesis Films Produced Between March and August 2017

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