Access to pulping machines saves labour for coffee farmers

The LFSP’s Markets Development component is improving access to labour saving technologies for smallholder farmers in various ways. Through one of the private sector grantees (Zimbabwe Coffee Mill), over 300 farmers have moved away from their labour intensive rudimentary methods of primary processing of their coffee that greatly compromises quality resulting in inability to compete on the lucrative export market. A considerable number of smallholder farmers, especially women, have given testimonies on labour and time savings from using the new pulp machines.

One such farmer is Mrs Sarudzai Chitsinde of Mutasa Ward 5 (Buwu area), who used to travel about 2km to pulp her coffee at the nearest pulp machine before her group benefited one through LFSP-MD Project. She now walks about 500m to the new pulp machine saving her considerable time and effort.

Mrs Catherine Mwando, from Mutare Ward 33 (Howth) is another farmer who used to pulp her coffee using the traditional method of mortar and pestle. She is now using the latest technology, thanks to a new pulp machine her group got under the project. She is hopeful that the quality of her coffee would be much better this year as compared to prior years, and expects to get better returns from the export market.

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