Promoting Sustainable Goat Businesses

Bobster 558 Meats is promoting sustainable goat businesses under the LFSP in the district of Mt. Darwin. The project has two main objectives. Firstly, it is creating an enabling environment for smallholder farmers to engage in the goat business through a nucleus estate model. Secondly, it is promoting the company’s productivity and profitability through smallholder based production and marketing models.

The project which is operating from March 2016 to February 2017 is expected to yield the following benefits for small holder farmers:

  • At least 2000 (1500 in groups and 500 individual) smallholder farmers accessing a profitable and transparent goat market through a nucleus model.
  • At least 100 farmers have access to improved goat breeds provided by 558 meats within the first year.
  • 4360 smallholder produced goats are traded through the 558 meats nucleus model on the local market, and
  • Increased company revenue due to increased participation in local and export market.

For more information about this project contact Daniel Matimba, Palladium’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Management Manager, +263 4 290 6821 or

A more detailed summary and background to this project can be accessed here.

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