Improving production through agri-business hubs

Sondelani Ranching is establishing agri-business hubs for chicken, contract farming in horticulture in the districts of Guruve, Mt. Darwin, Makoni, Mutasa, Mutare, Kwekwe and Gokwe South. The Project is running from January 2016 to February 2017 with the objective of providing farmers with holistic services including input markets, logistic support, training and output markets.

The agri business hubs are also intended to increase the efficiency of smallholder farming by progressing the scale from local to national to export supply. This will make intermediate farm mechanization easily accessible to smallholder farmers and catalyze business profitability through the achievement of economies of scale. The expected results include 10 established business sites in the 7 districts of operation; supply inputs to and train 6000 farmers by 2017 to produce commodities including maize, bananas, paprika, tomato, eggs, broilers, granadillas and potatoes. Outcomes also include a robust access to national and export markets by 6000 farmers including 1000 farmers accessing new technologies to enhance  their farming practices.

A comprehensive summary of Sondelani Ranching’s Agri-business project under the LFSP can be accessed here.

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