Gender and Markets Workshop (14-15 June 2016), Cresta Lodge

Oxfam is organising a Gender and Markets Workshop on 14 to 15 June 2016 at the Cresta Lodge in Harare. 

At the recent LFSP Project Management Committee (PMC) meeting held in May 2016, it was recommended that Oxfam supports both the LFSP Results Framework and Markets Development (MD) component with regards to mainstreaming gender. The workshop therefore aims to unpack some of these issues under the context of the LFSP MD and agree on sets of actions going forward.

If you would want to participate in this workshop, contact Margaret Makanza, Project Manager, Gender in Agriculture (LFSP-APN), skype: maggie.makanza,Block 9 UNDP Compound Arundel Office Park, Norfolk Road Mt Pleasant, Harare. Telephone contacts: +263 4 369603, +263 4 369564, +263 4 369873, +263 777 448 161

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