Commercialisation of Smallholder Seed Production

Zimbabwe Super Seeds (ZSS) co-operative company is commercializing small holder seed production. Working in Mutasa and Makoni districts, ZSS activities will benefit 500 small holder farmers in contract farming of groundnut, maize and sugar bean seed production. To empower these farmers to become self sufficient, ZSS will provide foundation seed, seed agronomy, handling and management training. In addition, the beneficiaries will receive seed certification standards training and agriculture extension management. ZSS will also procure seed from contracted farmers, assist with processing, marketing and its commercial distribution at district level. Some of the outcomes include empowering 20,000 commodity farmers with access to certified seed in Mutasa and Makoni districts that will go a long way in giving them quality starter seeds for their agriculture livelihoods. The project which runs from December 2015 to February 2017 also aims to produce, package and market 100 MT of certified seed ((sugar beans 30 MT, maize 50 Mt and groundnuts seed 20 Mt).

Contact Nelson Munyaka for more information, or call +26378336687 ,  +263775470205

The Zimbabwe Super Seeds LFSP Project Summary can be accessed here.

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