Launch of local honey brand

Westale is set to launch a commercially sustainable brand of the best quality locally produced honey for domestic and regional markets. Working alongside Windward Commodities, the partnership will create intellectual property and brands for commodity producers and invest in the development of a world-class brand for Zimbabwean honey. Westale has engaged Thornwood Trading who bring … Continue reading Launch of local honey brand

Establishing a horticulture auction floor system

elp (from Germany) in coordination with Farmers Intersection are establishing and implementing a horticulture auction floor system, enabling smallholder farmers to reach a larger buyer base. At Mutasa Auction Floor, the bidding takes place over the internet to allow buyers to participate in auctions anywhere without being physically present, allowing more buyers to participate. For further information, … Continue reading Establishing a horticulture auction floor system

Duplicating rural agro-dealer agency project

Farm Shop is looking at duplicating the rural agro-dealer agency project started in Makoni district under the LFSP, where it is managing to revitalise the agro-dealer model by establishing a network of rural agro-dealer agents who they contract and provide stock on consignment covering a wide range of agricultural inputs for both crop and livestock … Continue reading Duplicating rural agro-dealer agency project

Developing the local fish inputs market

Aquafeeds has been engaged with Aquaculture Zimbabwe to work with 200 small scale farmers in all the eight project districts to initiate the development of local fish inputs market involving feed and fingerlings. It provides trainings for agro-dealers, local stakeholders, market products to farmers and promote information sharing between suppliers and farmers along the aquaculture value chain. For further information, contact … Continue reading Developing the local fish inputs market