Mobile app helps with LFSP data collection

COSMOS (Coffey Spatial Mobile Solution) is a new mobile data collection tool created specifically to transform the way international development organisations conduct evaluation and research projects around the world. It has been designed and built using the revolutionary capabilities of today’s mobile technology and provides field workers with a modern, robust and easy to use tool for collecting data in the field.

In using this tool to assist LFSP monitoring, reporting and evaluation, Coffey will be able to reduce reliance on costly 3rd party providers who often use paper based methods to collect data which time consuming and inefficient resulting in poor data quality and tedious reporting structures. This tool will help Coffey to streamline data collection methods, improve data accuracy and automate reporting even in real time.

COSMOS is specifically built for the Windows Phone 8.1 platform which is supported by well know manufacturers (e.g. Nokia, HTC, and Samsung) who offer a wide range (low end to premium) of smartphone models. The COSMOS smartphone app will be available for download on selected Windows 8.1 smartphones from Coffey International Development’s dedicated app portal. Access to the portal is restricted to pre-enrolled smartphones and is not available for general public distribution. Once the mobile application is installed field workers are able to conduct surveys using the application’s easy to use menu driven interface.

To learn more, read see the COSMOS presentation.